• Use the trademark as registered. A trademark that is not used for at least three years may be expunged from the register.


  • Use the symbols MD/® or MC/TM next to your trademark.


  • Do not use the trademark in a generic way (as if it were a dictionary word). The trademark is at risk of losing its distinctiveness.


  • Have written contracts for trademark licensees and control the characteristics and the quality of the products and services.


  • Subscribe to a trademark monitoring service so as to oppose confusingly similar applications. The trademark office usually refuses registration for trademarks that are clearly confusing, but sometimes similar trademarks are accepted.



  • Periodically verify that your registered trademarks correspond to the ones actually used and that your trademarks are registered in all the countries in which you do business. Since June 17, 2019, Canada has adhered to the Madrid Protocol, which allows the registration of international trademarks.


  • File a new application to add new products or services that are not covered in the registration. The protection of a trademark is limited to the products and services included in the registration.


  • If your logo was created by an external firm, ask the firm to transfer the copyright for your logo and have the author waive its moral rights. Copyrights generally belong to the person that created the work of art.


  • Have a graphic standard guide regarding the use of your trademark.


Contact us if you have any questions or to obtain a quote regarding the services mentioned above:

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